savings bond (mlk)*Spring Lake Heights, NJ  – revealed that nearly 47 million U.S. Savings Bonds worth approximately $16 billion have reached final maturity and are no longer earning any interest.

The company suggests that bond owners pull out their bonds often stored in safety deposit boxes, drawers, and shoeboxes to determine if any of them have stopped earning interest.

Most paper Series E, EE and I Savings Bonds have a 30-year life – meaning they will continue to earn interest for up to 30 years from the issue date printed on the bond. Some Series E bonds, which were issued through November 1965, had a 40-year maturity period. All Series E bonds have reached final maturity and have stopped earning interest.

“It’s not unusual for people to forget about bonds that were purchased 20, 30, 40 or more years ago,” says Jackie Brahney, Marketing Director for She adds, “Many bond owners purchased the investment for retirement or education purposes and stored them away, but they don’t understand how the bonds work.”

Bond investors are often unaware of what their bonds are currently worth, interest rate performance, or when they will stop earning interest. Unfortunately, many believe that bonds will only be worth the amount that is printed on the front of them (aka face value), which is considered the initial maturity date. EE bonds will continue earning interest beyond their initial maturity date until they reach their final maturity. Final maturity is when a bond will no longer earn any interest.

Luckily there are now online savings bond calculators, services and memberships that will not only advise of maturity dates, but also help investors better manage their savings bond investments. offers a unique color-coded service that provides both initial and final maturity dates, detailed financial information about each bond, as well as monthly emails that provide advanced notifications on bonds which are about to reach final maturity. Once a bond reaches final maturity it should be cashed in so the proceeds can be used elsewhere.

Uncle Sam may not be pleased hearing about savings bond management services. These bond calculators and services may help dramatically reduce the interest free loans the government has been receiving for years from unsuspecting bond owners.

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Jackie Brahney
Marketing Director