the lego movie title (screenshot)*The upcoming highly anticipated film, “The Lego Movie” follows what happens when Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt – “Parks and Recreation”), an ordinary LEGO mini-figure who always follows every single rule and direction, gets mistaken as ‘The Special’ and drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to save the world from an evil tyrant.

Among the stars voicing the members of Emmet’s rag-tag crew are Morgan Freeman – who plays the ancient mystic Vitruvius, Elizabeth Banks who voices the tough as nails Wyldstyle and Will Arnett (“The Millers”) who voices the mysterious Batman.

Since “The Lego Movie” hits theaters February 7th – here are SEVEN reasons why you should grab your kid and see this movie.

1. It’s ridiculously funny.  No really, not just kid-friendly funny, but funny-funny!  Writing/directing team Phil Lord and Christopher Miller somehow found the perfect balance between taking your kid to a movie and being able to captivate and entertain the parent at the same time too.  I was ready to zone out for the next hour-in-a-half when I took my kid to see The LEGO Movie but, I surprised even myself at times when I laughed louder and longer then my 7 year old!  And as a parent, any movie that can do that gets two thumbs up – way up!

2. LEGO-Batman takes himself waaay too seriously and that makes it seriously hilarious!  We all know Batman is a brooding super hero, but actor Will Arnett’s approach to The LEGO Movie’s LEGO-Batman takes ‘The Dark Night’ to a new level!

3. The cameos are so awesomely random.  I mean c’mon, what other time are you going to find characters voiced by Shaquille O’Neal, Channing Tatum, Billy Dee Williams and Johah Hill all in the same movie?  And the characters that some of them voice will blow your mind!

4. Serious Morgan Freeman in a comedic role.  We’ve gotten plenty of movies with serious Morgan Freeman and at times we’ve also been treated to films showing Morgan Freeman’s funny side – but The LEGO Movie has taken the calming effects of serious Morgan Freeman and the shear comedic genius of funny Morgan Freeman and combined them into one seriously-funny character.

5. The Nostalgia.  I literally left the theater thinking “I wanna play with some LEGOS!” I mean really, what kid didn’t have their own set of shiny colorful LEGOS when they were young?  I can’t even recall all the countless amounts of buildings and robots I built with my LEGOS when I was a kid – even if I attempted to build something else – it always turned into a building or a robot, didn’t everyone’s?  This movie makes me want to grab my kid’s LEGOS and Go! To! Work!

6. The Special FX.  They really are something to behold.  To actually see an entire movie built out of LEGOS is really amazing.  When water splashes – it splashes with LEGOS, when explosions happen, their packed with a blast of billowing, smoky LEGO pieces!  If you imagined a movie built completely out of LEGOS, The LEGO Movie is what you would be thinking – and they’ve managed to bring your imagination to the big screen.  It’s really quite cool.

7. The message.  For all the cool Special FX and comedy rolled into The LEGO Movie –  you really do come away with some great messages in this film about life, having to do with letting things happen as they may and finding the strength and imagination that is inside each and everyone one of us.  It’s always great to walk away from a film feeling like you got the bang for your buck – but it’s even better when you AND your kid can take a message or two from the storyline and apply it to life in a positive way.

The Lego Movie, starring Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell and more assembles in theaters this Friday, February 7th.

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Story by Crystal Shaw-King ([email protected])