*The 90-second online ad for Sony Mobile’s new Xperia Z2 phone uses a new version of Michael Jackson’s “Slave to the Rhythm,” an outtake from the late singer’s “Invincible” solo album that was given an unauthorized remix via Justin Bieber.

Jackson’s estate and Epic Records announced the partnership with Sony Mobile at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, reports

The video, released today (Feb. 24), follows a choreographer as he maps out a routine in the dance studio, before plugging his headphones into the Sony phone on the subway. The experience inspires him, apparently, and moments later Jackson’s voice bursts through amidst a techno-pop beat as scenes from a completed dance sequence flash on the screen. [Click through to watch.]

Sony President Kazuo Hirai hinted there would be more to the partnership but did not offer any details.

According to Billboard, the song’s exact origins aren’t entirely known, though a version was recorded in the late 1990s during the sessions for “Invincible,” Jackson’s last solo album released before his 2009 death. The track was not one of the 16 selected for the album, which topped the Billboard 200 when released in November 2001. Fans will recall a version of “Slave” leaked online in 2010.

In August 2013, a reworked version of the song featuring Jackson and Bieber emerged but was quickly removed due to a copyright claim. Dubbed “Slave 2 the Rhythm,” the remix featured a disco-heavy beat. (Scroll down to watch.)