Tank*Whether R&B has fallen off nowadays has always been a topic of debate among those who love the music. And Tank is no exception as he offered his two cents on the issue.

Chatting with Black Hollywood Thoughts, the TGT member commented the lack of R&B ballads on the radio as well as his thoughts on blue-eyed soul stirrers Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake making better R&B than most black artists:

The Lack Of Radio Play For Ballads and Real R&B:
“Name the last time you actually heard an R&B ballad or even mid-tempo played on mainstream radio. You won’t. It’s not exciting enough to them anymore. We’ve moved out of the age of romance and meeting the mom and the father before you take the girl out. Now it’s Twitter and Instagram and everything’s happening so fast that a ballad actually takes too long for the payoff.

“So, people actually really singing is too much to think about. Like, ‘I can’t sing along with that. Where’s the guy with the Auto-Tune? I can do that.’ And people are so far into the state of reality and being able to feel like they’re apart of it that it’s actually them, that if it’s too far above their heads, then they can’t relate.

Getting R&B Back To Its Essence:
“We have to get back to making R&B for everybody. Not just for one place in time. Not just for the bedroom. Not just for the bathroom. If you think about it, “Happy” is an R&B record that Pharrell just made. That’s an old school, throwback R&B record. That’s what R&B used to sound like.

“We have to get back to that. Making that kind of music. “Happy.” So we can sing on the Oscars, along with Pharrell, who’s–him, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake who are leading the charge in R&B music. We can’t hate! We can’t hate on what it is! The truth is what it is. And Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake are doing R&B music better than us. We need to catch up.”

Tank continued expressing himself on the state of R&B after the interview as he gave some food for thought on Twitter also took to Twitter to elaborate on what he was trying to say after the fact:

“When R&B artists start singing about more than just sex and the club we’ll get our life back!.. #truth,” the singer tweeted. “Check my singles and get back to me if u have something to say on the subject!.. #ileadbyexample”

“Don’t pick an artist to direct my statement towards! The R&B community as a whole is in jeopardy! We ALL have work to do!..”

Sounds like this has been inside of Tank for more than a minute. While there are artists who could be viewed as an exception to what he’s saying (i.e. Ledisi, Miguel, Janelle Monae, Frank Ocean), the question is does he have a point?

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