packer hall bryant hart*Screen Gems held a special screening recently of “About Last Night” in New York City that was followed by a meet and greet at Jay-Z’s 40/40.

How apropos that cast members Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant and producer Will Packer would make their way to the playground of entertainment’s hottest couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Hart, having had success at the Box Office for three successive weeks with “Ride Along,” along with the three-some, all expect the relationship release on Valentine’s Day to bring home big numbers.

“This is something that was very important to myself and the cast to come and just talk a little bit about the film because you guys affect audiences,” Packer offered. Speaking on the sex saturated script, Hart said, “We pushed the envelope and it’s closer to the play. We show real sides of relationships good and bad.” Bryant was up for the sex scenes. “Just the fact that it was kind of risqué was a thing I found real exciting,” she enthused. “I play a mother of two kids in ‘Parenthood’ so it was really interesting to go back and forward between the raunchiness and non- raunchiness.”

Hall and Hart having worked together before were riffing off one another and had everyone in stitches. “I definitely take my hat off to Regina because it was hard for her working with me and not wanting me, not trying to take it to the next level,” Hart joked. “I respect that you [Hall] kept it professional because you could’ve taken advantage but you didn’t. On a more serious note, he went on to say, “But I will tell you this about Regina, I have never clicked on camera faster with anybody in my life than I did with Regina; and that’s male or female. Our comedic chemistry, our emotional chemistry [clicked] and we didn’t have to search for it. Our characters are 70% of the f**kin’ relationships out there who see no problem with what they do and think everybody else is crazy.”

Adding to that, Hall remarked, “We are a dysfunctional item and I love the journey Bernie and Joan takes everybody on and how real it is. Ninety percent of this room is Joan. Debbie [Bryant] is crazy too but Debbie is the low key person.”

Before leaving the room, Hart let it be known that “About Last Night” is a game changer in his career. “Honestly, this is my best work to date. Yes, ‘Ride Along’ did amazing numbers at the box office but this is my first grown man f**king role. I’m f**king excited about this movie.”

Syndicated columnist Marie Moore reports on film and TV from her New York City base. Contact her at [email protected]