the game - george zimmerman - dmx*The joke that is the George Zimmerman celebrity boxing match is all of a sudden trying to be low key.

Now the promoter is saying it’ll be held a secret location with a LOT of security. Hmm, we wonder why? Hmm, why would anyone want to do harm to Georgie Porgie?

Well maybe, just maybe because HE IS GEORGE ZIMMERMAN? Bingo!

The promoter – according to TMZ – is worried that if the venue becomes public someone will do to George what he did to Trayvon. Yep, that would be a valid concern alright.

As far as the event itself, we’re hearing that there will only be 100 people present. Some will be “celebrities” and reporters. The event will be seen online … through a paid subscription.

As we’ve reported already, both The Game and DMX wanna go mano a mano with Zimmerman sometime in March.