Keeping Up With the Kardashians*Money, money, money! That’s a big deal… especially for a reality series.

The Kardashians secured reality TV’s biggest deal at $40 million in 2012 for multi-seasons of the mega-hit reality series, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” — the never-ending saga.

But now the family is in the midst of another multi-million deal worth more than the last with multi-seasons.

But one of the show’s stars won’t be returning for future seasons.

Bruce Jenner won’t be returning to the reality hit.

The show is filming season 10 right now. The deal will last for season 11 and more.

As a production source put it, “It is a HUGE show.”

The show’s deal could still be in the negotiation stage, but it’s not like the show hasn’t already became a groundbreaking hit — proven with the last deal.

Sources told TMZ Bruce Jenner will be missed from the show, but the show must go on. Producers aren’t too worry about his departure.

Hmm… is anyone else wondering if Kanye West will become more involved with the show with so many more seasons to come and soon being married to Kim Kardashian — it will be hard to avoid, right?