Tyler Perry*Attention all scam artists. Tyler Perry has had it up to here with you.

Media sources report the entertainment mogul has put all deceivers on blast while setting the record straight with fans.

Speaking via his e-mail list, Perry did not mince words regarding those who are scamming his supporters with bogus audition schemes and fake scholarship programs.

In his eyes, the people behind the deceitful schemes are “some of the lowest” in his book.

“There are some scams going around the Internet asking people to pay money to have an audition for me. THAT IS NOT TRUE,” stated Perry, who emphasized that “You never have to pay for an audition.” “I, nor any professional company, will make you pay for an audition. DON’T GET SCAMMED.”

Regarding claims of him having a scholarship program, Perry made sure fans got it straight from the source as far as the legitimacy of the programs and his connection to them.

“Do not let anyone tell you that I have a scholarship program that you have to pay to be a part of, ok? That’s NOT TRUE!,” he said. “I have put a lot of kids through college but it’s not something you can request or pay me for. They have been gifts, so don’t let these folks trick you.”

As he expressed hope that the scammers get caught, Perry reminded fans to “not give anyone any money in my name” because it’s always a scam.