thetylerperryshow*Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey have definitely become TV’s dynamic duo.

Perry is adding yet another gig to his OWN titles and responsibilities. And this time he’ll be in front of the camera.

He’s hosting his own self-titled talk show on the network, “The Tyler Perry Show” — a first for him.
Perry revealed his upcoming gig on Twitter, “look what I’m working on. Coming on next Tuesday after #HavesAndHaveNots only on @OWNTV,” he tweeted.

Perry’s current shows are not only soaring in viewership and with ratings, but he’s adding another series coming this fall based on his upcoming film, “The Single Moms Club.”

“The Have and the Have Nots” has been kicking butt in viewership since its May 2013 debut. The show returned with season two last month with a record-breaking 2.8 million in viewership.

Although not as big in viewership, the “Love Thy Neighbor” hit comedy has been right behind the soap drama in popularity.

Perry is an actor, director, writer and producer of TV series, movies and stage plays. But the talk show will be a totally new vehicle for Perry. But not to worry, he has the queen of talk on his side to guide him along the way.

There’s no word yet if the show is going to be one-time thing (although it can be speculated it won’t as the Winfrey-Perry pairing has been a match made in heaven for OWN). If so, there’s no confirmation if the show will be daily, weekly or otherwise.