diane & cyril

Diane Blackmon-Bailey & Cyril S. Ndaba

*Vallejo, CA’s un-official, goodwill ambassador, Black Empowerment Think Tank spokesperson, Diane Blackmon Bailey, welcomes the honorable South African  Consul  General Cyril S.Ndaba, to the beautiful city of Vallejo.

The Consul General represents South Africa in thirteen American states, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Both were invited guest of Sister-Cities International, hosted by Brenda Brumfield – Ross, and Rev. Dr.  Fredrick D. Smith, Jr. PHD, (Wayside United Methodist Church),  held in the City Hall Library recently.

A large South African Delegation attended the event, along with Sagie Govender, COSAS Operations Manager and Publisher of the South African Beacon.

As far as the Black Think Tank’s goals, Blackmon-Bailey and others, addressed them in an article in the Vallejo Times-Herald:

The Community Black Leadership Empowerment Think Tank’s aim, said one spokeswoman, is to address the root sources of “black-on-black” crime, even if it means having to “grow (community members) from babies up.”

Member Diane Blackmon-Bailey, 61, said the group will seek out some of Vallejo’s oldest families, pairing them with existing community groups to focus

particularly on African American community issues. The group has drawn early involvement from some 75 community members, Blackmon-Bailey said. She listed the December fatal shootings of Esohe Izevbigie, a 34-year-old Oakland resident, and Frank Gore Jr., a 27-year-old Vallejo man, as some of the group’s inciting incidents.

“To me, all Vallejo kids are my kids,” Blackmon-Bailey said in a recent interview. “It’s unnatural for kids to die.”

Addressing this issue in Vallejo, Blackmon-Bailey added, will require help and ideas from all corners of the community, and all are welcome.

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Vallejo Black Think Tank meets the 2nd Monday of every month.