waterseedThe urgency of the chorus says it all; “Show, Work and Prove” is a jam that implores you to lower your inhibitions and get funky.

Water Seed has found a groove in the void between James Brown and Michael Jackson that implore everyone to get up and do their thing.

After seeing the responses from crowds across the country when “Show, Work and Prove” was performed live, the band had to film a video for the Dain Harris featured song.

The video, which is part jam session/part homage to their Funkadelic lineage, is just as hyperactive as the horns that accent the song and the animated sequences are a great representation of Water Seed’s quest to re-funk the world musically.

Strap yourself in and take a ride on the Future Funk Transport as Water Seed asks you to “Show, Work and Prove”. If you’re in the New York City area, join EURweb.com on Wednesday, February 12 at SOB’s as Water Seed sets the stage for soulful Sandra St. Victor.

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