Allen Iverson

*Na, na, na, na, good bye! It’s the end of an era for Allen Iverson.

The Philadelphia 76ers star has retired from the NBA and his no. 3 jersey is being retired with him.

As Iverson announced his retirement at a ceremony last week, 20,000 fans gave him a standing ovation for his amazing work as a NBA great!

“They all wanted me to talk about how much y’all loved me,” Iverson said, “but trust me, the feeling was mutual.”

Iverson did retire last October after last playing in 2010.

In 2001, he won MVP after leading the Sixers to the NBA finals. The all-star won four scoring titles, and although he never won a championship, he’s definitely a future Hall of Famer.

His jersey was sold at $130 while wearing “Iverson Forever” patches on their jerseys.

“It’s a great example of how this city responds to somebody that they clearly think the world of and brought such exciting times to the city of Philadelphia,” Sixers coach Brett Brown said.

The up-close seats cost $1,280 a ticket. But Iverson gave his fans their money’s worth. He blew kisses as the no. 3 was raised.

“I am Philly,” Iverson said. “It’s always going to be that way.”

After they had differences, former coach Larry Brown sent in a video message to Iverson. 

“I just want to tell you, and I say this fondly: God put me there to coach you,” Brown said.

Iverson continued with,  “I always had raw talent,” he said. “I needed Larry Brown to polish it up.”

His coaches aren’t the only ones to show love, so have his teammates.

“Who could not be an Allen Iverson fan?” said Thaddeus Young, the lone current Sixers player who played with Iverson. “It got no bigger than him in Philadelphia.”

But it’s too bad Iverson isn’t leaving a winning team, the Sixers have been struggling lately — with 12 losses.

But his fans got to reminisce about one of the best players the game has ever seen!

“It feels good,” Iverson said after the ceremony, “but some part of my heart hurts because I know it’s over.”

Fans have the memories and Iverson has a global best-selling jersey.