lebron james - bloddy nose*Poor LeBron James had such a hard time at Wednesday night’s Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers game.

The Pacers won in a 84-83 match, but winning or losing, James was the biggest loser of the night with a series of unfortunate events.

Everyone has their rough days, but James  dropped 38 points, eight rebounds and five assists.

Let’s hope someone was there to wipe his tears!

Just look at him in the photo above. He not only experienced emotional and mental distress, but what about the physical distress he went through that night.

James has been dealing with a broken nose for more than a month.  A few weeks ago he gave up his protective mask. Maybe, that wasn’t such a good idea — being that in the fourth quarter he took a wack to the nose!

If James taking a blow to the nose wasn’t enough, he received a flagrant foul for smacking Roy Hibbert in the nose with his elbow.

Watch LeBron elbows Roy Hibbert (flagrant foul):

But that’s not all!

James tripped over a referee when Mark Ayotte got a little too close — causing him to stumble and then, trip over the ref.

Yeah, James wasn’t happy at all.

Watch Ref trips LeBron:

But outside of the physical pain, the game wasn’t on James’ side at all.

Paul George dunked on James for two of his 21 points that night — helping the Pacers win.

Watch Paul George dunks on LeBron:

Unfortunately for the Heat, both James and Chris Bosh missed opportunities that could’ve helped the team. They missed late jumpers the team really needed.

James passed on a late ball that was an air ball by Bosh.

“Unfortunately, that was what I diagramed,” coach Erik Spoelstra said. “It probably wasn’t the best call. It might have been a little too gunslinger on my part. I just wanted an open shot.”

What a night James had?!! Poor, POOR GUY couldn’t catch a break.

Better luck next time.

Watch LeBron: It means nothing interview: