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*Soul singer Betty Wright  — known for her 60s and 70s hits, “Clean Up Woman” and “Tonight is the Night” — is defending her latest collaborator or should it be said, genius Rick Ross!

The two had to know this collaboration was going to receive criticism since Ross is a rapper who has been under fire MANY times within the past year, and she’s a religious woman.

But Wright stands by the collaboration on the song “Sanctified” — featured on Ross’ Billboard number one album, “Mastermind.”

And according to, she has nothing, but positive words about the rapper.

“Well, first of all, he is a genius….He’s got an incredible tonality to his voice. He has an incredible memory. He listened to the song that we did on my album called “Bodyguard,” just listened one time and said, “I’m ready. Come on big homie, let’s go.” And he just went in! He went in and he remembered everything….” she said.

Mutual celebrity friends brought the two together.

“We would see each other sometimes at Puffy’s house or at a New Year’s Eve party and we always said we would do something together. DJ Khaled, Ricky, Puffy, we would always say, “We’re gonna do something. We’re gonna do something.” And we eventually did….We’ve got a real small circle of friends,” she continued.

“Sanctified” — which also features Kanye West and Big Sean — is considered controversial by some who ask what on earth is a religious woman doing being featured on such a profane song?!

“You know, I’m sure it’s controversial and I’m sure people are saying I fell and bumped my head. But see, what they don’t know is God uses simple things to confound the wise,” she said.

She continued  talking about the impact of the song:

“I have people on Twitter saying they hadn’t really thought about how the blood of Jesus washes away sins. They hadn’t thought about the things that Kanye is saying until this record came out. [The song] put them in a spiritual mindset, so that’s a beautiful thing.”

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 Listen to “Sanctified” below: