black hair salon*(Via Teaneck, NJ  – When high school prom season rolls in this year, the owner of Razzle Dazzle, an African-American hair salon in Teaneck, would love to see full appointment books and lines out the door, as he enjoyed years ago.

For well over a decade, Ronald Reid counted on the rush of customers for these special occasions, until, he said, salons run primarily by immigrants from the Dominican Republic flooded the market and poached many of his clients, offering them in-and-out service and cheaper prices.

Reid’s business is among scores of black hair salons and independent stylists in North Jersey that say they’re losing a once-loyal clientele because of a waning tradition of black customers patronizing black-owned businesses over white and Hispanic establishments. But experts tell The Record ( that a failure to adapt to changes in business needs is what is hurting hair salons and barbershops that long had been a vehicle for upward mobility and passage into the middle class.

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