aaron-mcgruder*Attention fans of “The Boondocks!”

The Facebook page for the popular animated Cartoon Network show has been hijacked.

Or not?

That seems to be one of many questions ever since an all-black background with a white silhouette of the show’s 10-year-old lead character, Huey Freeman, appeared on the page on March 14. Add to that the date “4.21.14” and a lyric from the theme of “The Boondocks” by rapper Asheru (“I am the stone that the builder refused … “) at the top of the posting and the seeds have been planted for a possible resurrection of the cancelled series, which last aired almost four years ago. Prior to the latest posting, there hasn’t been any activity on the official “Boondocks” Facebook page since  a Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie featuring Uncle Ruckus failed to catch on last year.

So do all signs lead to “Boondocks” creator and executive producer Aaron McGruder?

Apparently not as he admitted to being just as baffled by the mysterious postings and date as his show’s followers. Still, many people suspect a connection as McGruder posted a message on the Facebook page for his live-action project “Black Jesus.”

McGruder launched the Black Jesus Facebook page March 16 with a posting that may offer a glimpse of his part in all of this. According to theRoot.com, “Black Jesus” is a live action take of Jesus as a black man living in Compton, Calif.

“Just found out someone has hijacked THE BOONDOCKS Facebook page,” McGruder wrote. “This was done without my permission and I have absolutely no control over the content being posted as of Friday, March 14.”

To confirm the message was actually written by him, McGruder signed the posting with his initials, “AM.”

Upon reviewing the facts, theRoot noted that nothing seems out of place on the “Boondocks” Facebook page, which conflicts with “asinine postings” that are usually found from the hijacker whenever a Facebook page is “hijacked.

“Everything written on the page is about a new season debuting on April 21,” the site reports. “The Facebook page and The Boondocks trailer on the Adult Swim network all have the same official airdate.”

On April 17, McGruder denied any involvement in announcing the release-date on the “Boondocks” page with the following posting:

“Hey guys. Still don’t have control over my Boondocks Facebook page. Nothing on there is coming from me. Will have Black Jesus pray for these people. AM,” the show creator wrote on the Black Jesus Facebook page.