It’s season three of “Basketball Wives LA,” but there’s one noticeable face missing, BrookeBailey. Since her departure, there’s been rumors as to whether or not she was fired because of her relationship with Draya Michele.

In a sit down with media partner, the South Central bred personality reveals what triggered her exit, what motivated her to take her talents back to the class room and one of her biggest fears.

On leaving Basketball Wives LA:

“[People said] Draya got me fired and all of this stuff. We are all casted, so at the end of the day, no one has the power to fire someone. No, that didn’t happen.”

On what her relationship is like with Jackie Christie, after having a physical brawl with her on TV:

“Me and Jackie are cool. We don’t talk or hangout but we don’t have any beef. When we had that fight, it was kind of like I was defending Draya a little bit.”

If she plans to marry again (she’s been married twice):

“The next person that’s with me, like if you eff with me, you’re stuck with me. The first time I got married I was like 20 and the second time I got married, I knew I should not have been marrying him.”

On leaving reality TV to return to college:

“It took a lot of courage to do that because everything ran through my mind like, “oh my god what is the public going to think or students; how are they going to react?”

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