chaka khan - side eye

*Uh oh, she didn’t appreciate the comparison to Bey at all. 🙁

Yep, that side eye action from Chaka Khan in the pic above is all you need to know.  🙂

The 60-year-old red headed beauty isn’t the first “old school” diva that’s  not exactly Beyoncé friendly.  Remember when Aretha went in on her for calling Tina Turner “the queen?”

How about when the late Etta James let the world know how pissed she was because it was Beyoncé Knowles instead of her singing “At Last,” her signature song, at President Obama’s first term inauguration ball.

And now we have Chaka seemingly throwin’ shade Beyoncé’s way. It happened recently when an interviewer – while exchanging pleasantries with Ms. Khan – told her she looked “absolutely flawless, like Beyoncé.” Well, Chaka’s response says it all. Oh yeah, while she  was eye-rolling and stuff, did ,we could swear we heard her mumble the b-word under her breath, too?

Anyway, it was kinda downhill for the interview from that point on. Watch, you’ll see.