charlie wilson (bet awards)

*Well, at least someone’s not afraid to tell Kanye West to be quiet and have a seat!

OK, actually the world has told him that quite a few times.

But Charlie Wilson is that guy who has stepped up to the plate.

Wilson might be able to get through to West when he’s in the wrong for something he did or said, since they are dear friends and collaborators.

Their friendship led to Wilson getting asked questions about West during the taping of BET’s Annual Celebration of Gospel.

Wilson was asked does he thinks it’s fair how West is criticized for things he says or does, HipHollywood garnered the exclusive.

And Wilson’s response might had been a little unexpected yet thoughtful.

“When he does something wrong, I’m the first one to tell him that he is wrong, ‘Sit down and be quiet. I don’t care if you don’t like it or not,’” Wilson told HipHollywood.

But as a musician Wilson has much respect for West.

The two worked together many times — on West’s hits, “Bound 2” and “All of the Lights.” Wilson contributed his background vocals to countless other hits from the rapper.

“I don’t embrace some of the things that he [Kanye] does and some of the stuff he does, I do embrace; which is music. He’s good at that. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand and sometimes he just says ‘I’m just gonna do this kind of music just to inspire people.’ Ok then say that,” Charlie added.

Wilson acknowledged that although West can annoy people, he’s on point sometimes.

“I know people get tired of hearing him say he is a genius, but he really is a musical genius. He’s sick with it.”

Watch Wilson’s interview below: