don lemon

*CNN’s Don Lemon, no stranger to criticism, both on Twitter and from other cable news anchors, opens up to Jet magazine about the stories he’s passionate about, the biggest misconceptions about him and what he really thinks of all the hate:

What’s your response to critics who say you’re too negative about the Black community?

Don Lemon: A lot of it has been taken out of context; people hear what they want to hear. I am not criticizing the Black community. I was hired by the Tom Joyner Morning Show to do commentary that makes people think. I want my audience to feel like they are learning and not being pandered to.

Has the Twitter backlash ever caused you to reconsider your standards?

DL: I’m not afraid of criticism. I actually like it. I wish everyone could experience the level of assessment I get because it actually has made me a better person. I like to provoke the conversation and create a dialogue. That doesn’t always come from people preaching to the choir and having everyone in agreement.

Lemon’s latest source of derision happened last week when he asked former U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General Mary Schiavo if the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner could’ve been sucked into a “black hole.”

The moment made Jon Stewart’s opening segment on Monday’s “The Daily Show.”

Watch below.