Dana Snay's FB picture

Dana Snay boasted on Facebook, “Gulligan is officially paying for my trip to Europe!” …NOT!

*Let’s just call it like we see it, OK? In a certain culture this teen would get her a** whipped good!

OK, let me explain.

When Patrick Snay won his settlement against the school he had been employed with for years, due to what he claimed was age discrimination and another unrelated case involving his daughter, the school had to fork up a whopping $80K in settlement money.

But there was one stipulation: Don’t say one word to ANYBODY about this case, ya hear?

Apparently, his daughter did not get the memo.

Enter daddy’s little girl, Dana, who decides to post a message about the winnings on Facebook…all Miley Cyrus tongue-out style.

Uh oh.

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