monifa bandele*The deadline for signing up for healthcare insurance under the Affordable Health Care Act, some call Obamacare, is today, March 31.

Monifa Bandele (pictured), campaign director with, believes the healthcare program can save the lives of African Americans.To drive home that point she says, “Right now we have 7.8 million African Americans uninsured and that’s huge. That could mean they are not getting regular visits (to the doctor). They’re not getting preventative care.”

She suggests that some types of diabetes and cancers that kill African Americans in high numbers might be “preventable if caught early.”

Too often the uninsured get treated when they get ill in emergency rooms – sometimes finding out too late that they have a life threatening illness.

Bandele says to enroll for healthcare coverage go to If you can’t maneuver the website you can get help bycalling800-318-2596.

Regarding the much publicized glitches surrounding the site she emphasizes, “Many of the kinks have been worked out.”

The Obama Administration announced more than 6 million people have signed up for coverage through federal and state online marketplaces.

President Barack Obama insists the health care law, a major victory of his administration, ends pre-existing condition discrimination, stops unreasonable rate increases and provides free prevention assistance, among the scores of benefits. Find more details at

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