the single moms club*Tyler Perry‘s latest film, The Single Moms Club‘ is out today!

The movie follows five single mothers, brought together by tragedy, as they create a support group to help them find comedy in the obstacles of life.

EURweb associate Fahnia Thomas caught up with the stars on the red carpet and find out the best advice their moms give them.

Single Moms Club Red Carpet from EURweb on Vimeo.
“Love yourself!”

“TSMC” star Cocoa Brown, said everyone should stop and practice her moms advice.

“Many of us, put so much into other people, that we don’t love ourselves,” explained the Virginia native. “We put ourselves on the back-burner, as we are giving to everybody and making sure they feel love, we forget about loving ourselves.”

Brown is a single mom to a 22-month old son and she says mothers should be applauded.

“Single moms are not your scarlet letter, we are not your tragedy,” exclaimed the comedian. “We are women who have become single mothers by all kinds of circumstances. Please don’t put us in a box. We are superwoman!”

Sean CarriganCo-star Sean Carrigan, says he relates to TSMC because his mother unexpectedly became a single mom during his adolescent years.

“My stepdad died when I was in ninth grade,” shared Carrigan. “My mom had to raise me most of high school on her own.”

 Macy GraySinger Macy Gray remembers her mom telling her it is important to be happy with yourself.

“My mom said, ‘it’s not what you want to be, it is who you want to be, and once you get that done, the ‘what’ falls into place,'” enlightened Gray.

brittany danielThe Game star, Brittany Daniel‘s mom said to have your career in order.

“One thing my mom used to always tell me, was to make sure you focus on your career before you focus on finding a man.”

jenifer lewisVeteran actress Jenifer Lewis, wishes she had listened to her mother’s advice.

“My mother told me something very important and I didn’t listen,” commented Lewis. “She said, ‘when you leave a man…leave him.’ I wish I had listened to her because you can’t go back in this world and I went back a lot.”

renee lawlessThe Haves and the Have Nots actress Renee Lawless said her mom said so many things but one phrase resonates.

“Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out!”

‘The Single Moms Club’ is in theaters now.

the single moms club