bobbi kristina & nick gordon

*This family feud continues with a not-so-happy nephew of Whitney Houston.

Bobbi Kristina‘s cousin, Gary Michael Houston, most likely doesn’t want to see her married to Nick Gordon, as the rest of the family probably feels the same way.

According to TMZ, while at a sweet 16 party for one of Houston’s nieces, her nephew beat up Gordon!

Her nephew wasn’t too happy about Gordon talking bad about the family. He threw Gordon to the ground and pounded his face for the unpleasant comments about the family.

Yeah, maybe Gordon shouldn’t talk bad about the family of his wife… the one who doesn’t like him!

Gordon took Twitter to express his anger!

“I’m like f*ck all of em they’ve tried to fight me ( Gary H ) jealous ass nigga. You snuck me you should’ve had me but you didn’t,” Gordon said.

He continued with:

“#GaryMichaelHouston you’re a b*tch. Point blank. I’ve never seen such a little short/fake person. First time for everything,” he later added.

Also, Gary responded to the fight.

“He still kinda sore from that last trip I sent him on smh….. I tried to tell him to buckle up lol.”

He continued with:

“He must hav thought Some1 was gunna protct him but he 4got they dont work 4 him… #welcome to the #Big Leagues lil guy @nickgordon.”

Gordon was once part of the family, which explains the hostility towards him. Houston adopted him when he was 12 years old — technically making him Kristina’s brother!