Keisha and Forest Whitaker*As anyone with weight issues can attest, losing pounds to produce a better version of you is something worth shooting for.

But Forest Whitaker’s wife Keisha may be taking that goal to a whole new level as she put everyone on notice of her new physical self while attending a series of Academy Awards events with her famous husband. According to Dr. Fred Pescatore, Keisha is doing more harm than good with her weight loss.

The medic, who has not treated Keisha, predicted that she has lost up to 35 pounds.
“She is most likely about 110 pounds now but was 135 just a few years ago,” Pescatore told “Or even she could be down to 105 pounds from 140 pounds. She runs the risk of premature aging of her heart and bones,”

Keisha’s attention-getting weight loss comes as she prepares to turn 42 this week. Dr. Pescatore warns that her shifting weight will result in long-term problems.

“Most importantly, going up and down like this wreaks havoc on the metabolism and makes it increasingly difficult to continue to stay thin without more and more effort. Possibly to the point of starvation and pills,” said the doctor, who warned that drastic measures for shedding pounds are never healthy.

“Looking good for the Oscars is one thing — looking like a poster child for a death camp is another,” Pescatore said.