jesse baskin

Jesse Baskin

*Remember Robert Champion, the drum major for the Florida A&M marching band who was hazed to death b y other band members? Well, on Friday, one of the people involved with Champion’s death was sentenced to jail time in an Orlando, Florida courtroom.

Here’s what MSN News is reporting:

Jessie Baskin was sentenced to 51 weeks in the county jail, five years of probation and 300 hours of community service for participating in the beating death of 26-year-old Robert Champion in November 2011.

In a hearing that lasted nearly three hours, Baskin’s attorney called several character witnesses from the 22-year-old’s family, including his mother and father. He also submitted a brief that contained letters pleading for leniency.

Baskin was emotional throughout, several times wiping away tears, and other times trembling in his seat.

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