Ray Jasper*The state of Texas conducted it’s third execution of a prisoner this year as Ray Jasper died by lethal injection Wednesday for the fatal stabbing of David Alejandro more than 15 years ago.

The Associated Press reports that Jasper, a former rapper from San Antonio, received a lethal dose of pentobarbital. Prior to his death, the entertainer quietly asked his family to “take care of each other, stay strong and faithful to God.” Supporters were also thanked by Jasper, who told his daughter that he loved her, adding that she “be strong, be positive, have a great life.”

After that, Jasper asked that the “Lord God almighty in heaven Jesus Christ see my spirit.”

Wednesday’s execution officially marks the end of Jasper’s stint for killing Alejandro in November 1998. Although he admitted to slitting Alejandro’s throat to steal equipment from the 33-year-old’s San Antonio studio, Jasper maintained that a partner was the one responsible for Alejandro’s fatal stab wounds.

During the case, Jasper’s lawyers unsuccessfully argued that a review of juror questionnaires they say only became available recently showed a black potential juror at Jasper’s San Antonio trial in 2000 was questioned and disqualified improperly because of race.

State attorneys countered with claims that the juror questionnaires long had been accessible and that race was not a factor in jury selection. The case was deliberated only 15 minutes by a Bexar County jury before Jasper’s conviction for slaying Alejandro. The AP noted that the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the argument about 30 minutes before Jasper was taken to the death chamber in Huntsville. Overall, the panel in the case took less than two hours to decide that Jasper should be put to death.

In addition to Jasper, two other men Doug Williams, 35, was convicted for his part in the slaying and sentenced to life in prison. After taking a plea deal, Steven Russell, 34, is currently serving life.