lil wayne screenshot  - kimmel

*If you watch the “Jimmy Kimmel Show,” you know he’s spent that last week or so hangin’ in Austin, Texas at the South by South West (SXSW) happenings/festivities.

Kimmel capped off the week by inviting Lil Wayne to stop by and hang out, which he did on Friday. Weezy seems to be real comfortable with Kimmel and this time, he told Jimmy and the audience about being shot at by a fan and the one time he shot himself.

“I’ve been shot at by a female fan,” Lil Wayne revealed. “It was after a show and she was just a very persistent fan. We didn’t know what she actually wanted.”

Once the gunshots went off, the bus driver started swerving.

“We weren’t paying them no mind. We was all hype, and we was dancin’,” said Wayne. “We were more upset at him ’cause we was like, ‘You gon’ kill us.’”

He also talked about the ti8me he was 14 and shor himself by accident while watching the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” music video in the mirror.

“My ass was tryin’ to be hard, lookin’ in the mirror, trippin’ and it went off,” he said.

Dude said that when he woke up, the cops were at his door …

“I gathered myself and I slid on my own blood ’cause we had wooden floors, thank God,” said Wayne. “I used the floor and I slid on my blood and I kicked the door and they heard me kick the door and they opened the door.”

We have to give him credit. He a great story teller and he’s funny and … dang, dare we say it, he’s charming.

Watch him and Kimmel below: