*The Game is looking out for his friend and former manager by sharing positive words about Jimmy Rosemond.

Rosemond had a mistrial for the murder of Lowell Fletcher and is currently serving life in prison for drug trafficking.

But with Game’s optimism about Rosemond’s situation, there’s negativity from some — especially from the likes of 50 Cent who has blasted Rosemond virally multiple times.

Game isn’t giving 50 the time of day — focusing on remaining positive about his friend.

“I talked to Jimmy via text, in the prison system, he’s optimisic,” Game said in an interview. “All I do is pray for him, tell him to hold his head and wish him the best in the situation.”

Game continued to talk about Rosemond’s situation.

“It’s a very unfortunate situation, ’cause like me and you know, Jimmy’s one of the best dudes – throughout life we make decisions, choices, out here it’s a jungle. You gotta survive and he did what he had to do, whatever that may have been at that time. … Shout-out to Jimmy H.”

As for 50 Cent — like Rick Ross — Game isn’t worried about what he has to say — simply calling him crazy because of his own product.

“[50 Cent’s disses?] Uh, you know, he ain’t got nothing else to do. You know? Them energy drinks, you drink enough of them sh*ts and you’ll be rambling too. I’m not really tripping off dude with that old sh*t. I’m just getting my money, man, and doing my sh*t.”