michael-jordan *For someone who hasn’t played basketball on an NBA court in years, Michael Jordan is far from broke.

According to Bleacher Report, the former Chicago Bull pulled in a cool $90 million in 2013 from endorsements and the continuous influence of his personal brand.

The Jordan brand still holds weight as it accounts for the majority of Jordan’s incredible paycheck comes from. Evidence of the brands influence can be found with the Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue” sneaker, which Nike released on Feb. 22.

First-day sales of the shoe totaled $35 million.

Online, Jordan is a force to reckon with. One of every three doll spent on the Jordan sneaker on eBay goes toward buying Air Jordans, Quartz.com’s Roberto Ferdman found.

“You still have the Jordan 1, 2, and 15-28, and others,” Josh Luber, founder of the sneaker data site Campless, told Ferdman. ”Many Air Jordan shoes sell at enormous premiums on eBay.”

Forbes’ Kurt Badenhausen, weighed in on Jordan’s profitable success as he estimated that the former NBA all-star’s brand has become an invaluable asset for Nike.

“Retail shoe sales for the Jordan Brand in the U.S. grew 11% last year to $2.7 billion, with basketball making up 84% of that, according to Powell. Roughly 50% to 55% of that goes to Nike,” he said. “If you factor in sales of Jordan apparel, the international Jordan business and sales at Nike stores, the Jordan brand is contributing roughly $2 billion of revenue to Nike, which posted sales of $26 billion over the last 12 months. Jordan, the man, gets a cut of every shoe, hoodie or pair of shorts sold by Nike under the Jordan Brand. We estimate MJ’s take from Nike was at least $75 million last year.

With $90 million earned last year, Badenhausen stated that Jordan earned more last year than any current or retired athlete besides Floyd Mayweather

In addition to his personal brand, endorsements have been kind to Jordan. The basketball legend boasts corporate partners such as Gatorade, Hanes, Upper Deck and Five Star Fragrances as well as recently acquired partners 2K Sports and Novant Health.

Despite the short corporate partners list, Jordan seems inescapable on the small screen as his Hanes TV spots are proof that fans haven’t gotten enough of Jordan on the small screen.