*People are always accusing Kanye West of having an “angry resting face,” but it’s safe to say that Ice Cube wrote the book on looking perpetually pissed off.

“It comes naturally,” reveals the entertainer about a look he’s taken straight to the bank, whether it punctuated his rap hits back in the day or puts someone in check on the big screen, like Kevin Hart’s Ben Barber in “Ride Along.”

The 44-year-old rapper/actor/producer says he had the same mean mug expression as a child.

“In school, people would come over and be like, ‘What you so mad about?’ I’m like, ‘Man, what you talking about? I’m cool right now. What you mean?’ [They’d say] ‘You look so mean, so mad.’ But, that’s just how I looked.”

it was a good day
The look became somewhat of a punchline in the video for his happy hit, “It Was a Good Day,”  …and a reference to the song itself in “Ride Along” drew some of the film’s biggest laughs.

Below, Cube says he ain’t mad. (NSFW-language)