jameis_winston*Tuesday night proved to bring out the worst in baseball players from Florida and Florida State.

Fox Sports reports that Heisman trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston was among those involved in the bench-clearing brawl, which began when Florida State left fielder D.J. Stewart hit a slow roller up the first-base line and collided with Florida pitcher Danny Young while trying to beat it out.

The collision prevented Young from making a play on the ball. After Stewart touched first base, Gators first baseman Zack Powers went face-to-face with him, then Stewart shoved back, instigating the full scuffle.

Benches from both teams then ran onto the field and a shoving match ensued.

Winston, a star player on the Seminoles’ BCS championship-winning football team, is also a pitcher on the baseball team. Although it isn’t immediately clear from the video footage that he was in the brawl, the Florida Times-Union later tweeted out a photo showing Winston in the brawl.

Details of Winston’s involvement are lacking, aside from the photo. According to the Times-Union, Winston was “included.”

Powers, Stewart and Young were ejected from the game as no word on the potential for further discipline has not been given. The Gators went on to win the game 4-1.

After the game, Florida State coach Mike Martin Sr. spoke of his team’s toughness between the base lines, but it could just as easily apply to the brawl, the Times-Union reported.

“There’s no doubt that the testosterone and the adrenaline kicked in. Those men are very strong and very active,” Martin Sr. said. “The hands got a little quicker. The motivation rose. Just very proud of our baseball team, and the way that we fought. We certainly didn’t back down from anything, and that makes every Seminole proud, because that’s what we’re about.”

To see footage of the Florida-Florida State brawl, click on the video below: