*Jon Stewart has a whole new meaning for “take me to the king.”

In a segment on his Comedy Central program “The Daily Show,” Stewart suggests CNN could solve its ratings woes overnight with the addition of one man in every news segment – Don King.

The boxing promoter was a recent guest on the news channel and, when time came to switch gears and begin a report on men getting facial-hair transplants, King refused to stop yapping. He continued to talk over the anchors, eventually ending with the chant, “CNN today! CNN today!”

“I never said this before, but I was unable to change the channel from CNN,” Stewart confessed. “These news people are doing their best to do an incredibly stupid segment on beard transplants, but now, because of Don King, he’s making it real, and interesting! Give me more of the King!”

“CNN you have found your voice and it’s Don King’s voice talking over all your other voices,” Stewart advised.

Watch below.