Judge Joe Brown *Things have clearly changed for Judge Joe Brown, who now finds himself on the opposite side of the law.

TMZ reports the former TV judge was arrested after becoming upset at a Memphis, TN. juvenile court.

The incident stemmed from Brown arriving in court Monday to represent someone in a child support case. After court staff turned him away after telling Brown he had no record of the case, the judge reportedly lost it and became verbally abusive. As a result, Brown was warned several times to keep quiet.

The incident certainly doesn’t help Brown’s efforts to run for D.A. of Shelby County. According to TMZ, the reality TV judge “incited a near riot” by “playing to the peanut gallery.”

Brown was reportedly arrested for contempt of court after reportedly ignoring the judge. He was cited for contempt five times and ordered to spend five days in jail. Brown ultimately departed the courtroom screaming as he left under his own power.

To hear Judge Joe Brown’s courtroom meltdown for yourself, click on the video below: