Vanguard Media

Los Angeles, CA – Vanguard Media, an online reputation and social media management firm that specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses maintain a positive online presence, is leading charge for business owners who have been unfairly disparaged online.

“Yelp is notoriously unresponsive when it comes to dealing with fraudulent reviews,” explains Vanguard Media co-founder Damien Halliburton.  “Most small business owners don’t have the time to correspond with Yelp reps four to five times a week. That’s where my company comes into play.  At Vanguard we are relentless in disputing negative reviews that break Yelp’s own rules of conduct. We go hard until Yelp does the right thing and removes the review from their website.”

With over 100 million unique visitors per month, Yelp has become the preeminent online platform for consumers looking to vent their frustrations with businesses. While some may gripe at miniscule issues and blow them out of proportion, others scream and yell at anything as a way to derive some power in a situation.

As an increased number of consumers use Yelp and other online review platforms to help make purchasing decisions, companies like Vanguard Media have become the saving grace for many local businesses.

For business owners, whether the negative review is fair or unfair, it can have a potentially serious impact. Oftentimes the worst-case scenario leads to a lost sale or worse, lost future sales.

“Nearly 70% of the negative online reviews we come across actually violate Yelp’s own terms of service,” said Geoffrey Hull, co-founder of Vanguard Media.  “Reviews written by competitors or bitter ex-employees are commonplace. Add to that reviews that use colorful language or make personal attacks.  These are all violations of Yelp’s terms of service and we’re aggressive and successful in getting these bogus reviews removed.”

According to Cone, a marketing agency out of Boston, a recently released survey data indicates that 80% of people have changed a purchase decision due to a bad review they saw. In short, fraudulent reviews are hurting businesses.

“I’ve had Yelpers threaten my family,”  Shawna Evans, owner of Lavish Beauty Salon explains.  “A couple of vile reviews were left by people I know for a fact have never been clients. Yelp acted like they didn’t even care.”

When Evans’ hair salon in West Hollywood came under attack by mysterious Yelpers who she suspects were recently fired employees, she desperately began seeking out solutions. Evans had heard about reputation management firms like Vanguard and decided to give them a try.

“Vanguard got two of the most damaging reviews removed off of my Yelp page. It immediately boosted my rating up to 4.5 stars. Thank goodness someone is actually looking out for the little guy.”

Based in Los Angeles, California with clients worldwide, Vanguard Media is an online reputation and social media management firm that specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses maintain a positive online presence. Using a combination of proprietary software and hands-on solutions, Vanguard Media ensures businesses protect their reputation while engaging with their target demographic in a meaningful way online.  Visit them online at