laz alonso

*He has his fingers crossed!

Laz Alonso has high hopes for the “Jumping the Broom” sequel allegedly in pre-production.

And he wants to be part of it!

“Sony has been very, very tight-lipped about this,” he told Sister 2 Sister. “The first I heard about the ‘Jumping the Broom’ sequel was online on my Twitter feed.”

Alonso got in touch with executive producer DeVon Franklin — trying to get the scoop.

“I reached out to him to ask him about it and he hasn’t responded,” he said. “I am hoping that his lack of response means that it is in fact true and that somebody in the media got a leak that the actors have not received yet.”

Alonso would love to work with the cast and crew again — including his big screen love interest Paula Patton.

“I would imagine that Part 2 would continue to take you on the journey of these two characters that you fell in love with in the first film, but I have yet to hear any official confirmation that that is true. So, my fingers are crossed,” he said. 

But , as we reported earlier, the second film will be set in New York City when two very different families come together again for a weekend wedding and cause chaos.

But is the film’s working plot related to the original film? Is the plot describing the same set of characters?

No word yet, but it sounds like Alonso will keep fans posted if he hears anything… well… anything he’s given the OK to share!