marijuana plants in jamaica

In Jamaica, marijuana plants are grown among other crops to hide them from the eyes of the police

*(Via BBC News) – In Jamaica, marijuana, or ganja, as it is more commonly known on the Caribbean island, is used in religious ceremonies by Rastafarians and as a herbal medicine by many others.

But it is not just grown for local consumption. According to the US state department, Jamaica remains the largest Caribbean supplier of marijuana to the US as well as other Caribbean islands.

Cultivation and import of the drug have been illegal since 1913, although those caught with small amounts are rarely prosecuted.

The debate surrounding its use and whether it should be decriminalized, or even legalized, has been further fueled by the drug’s legalization in Uruguay and the US states of Colorado and Washington.

But those who would be most affected by any change in the law, the marijuana growers, are divided on the issue.

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