lil boosie

*He’s freshly out of prison, and he’s already working!

Lil Boosie held a press conference last week to thank his supporters and give his fans details on upcoming projects.

He was released from Louisiana State Pententiary at Angola after serving five years for pleading guilty to drug charges.

Lil Boosie’s mom, Connie Hatch, thanked everyone for supporting her son before his lawyers broke down Boosie’s case.

His probation could last for four years. He has to update the court before performing.

The Baton Rouge born rapper was meant to come home in November, but his good behavior permitted him to be released early last week. 

Legal questioning aside, Boosie is ready to work and has gotten back to pursuing his music.

“I just did one (track) with Young Jeezy last night,” he said.

And he has more collaborations in the works too.

“Me and Justin Bieber gonna do something, too. I know it’s (going to be) a hit. I’m always excited about music. I’m like a music fiend. I know music from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s on up. I just want to work with everybody who’s doing their thing right now.”

But that’s not all! Boosie wants to expand as a businessman.

“I’m trying to get my own liquor, my own clothing line. … My own smell-good cologne. I’m just working, trying to take my success to another level,” he said. “Everything has a time. You can have all this stuff, but everything got to be dropped at the right time.”

He continued with:

“It’s my time,” he said. “I feel like it’s my time, and I’m gonna make the most of it.”

Watch Lil Boosie’s conference below: