*After a long break from the small screen, Lisa Bonet has returned with a guest-starring role on the new Sundance Channel series, “The Red Road.”

In the drama, Bonet plays Sky Van Der Veen, a Lenape Native American lawyer who calls for justice upon returning to her hometown after a brutal crime against a member of her tribe.

The actress recently opened up to about acting alongside her husband, Jason Momoa, in “The Red Road,” whether or not she engages in social media and being a princess and a peasant.

ESSENCE: You said earlier that the producers of the show saw the chemistry between you and Jason on-screen, and that’s why he asked you to do this part. How is your chemistry at home different from your chemistry at work?
Bonet: The chemistry between the characters we’re playing in “The Red Road” is a bit stiff, because we’re still uncertain where our rapport is leading us. Off camera, in real life, we are a very goofy couple. One of my favorite things about him is that he makes me laugh.

ESSENCE: You’ve referred to yourself as scrappy.
Bonet: [Laughs] Yeah, I fall somewhere between a princess and a peasant. A princess not in the fashion sense but more in the sense of a certain standard, a connection to nature. And in terms of a peasant, I feel like I’m very of the people. I’m not afraid of hard work. My hands are definitely not manicured.

ESSENCE: How much media or social media do you absorb? It doesn’t seem like much.
Bonet: Yeah, we are television-free here. I’ve never been on Facebook. It’s just not on my radar.

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