JAY Z performs onstage as Samsung Galaxy presents JAY Z and Kanye West at SXSW on March 12, 2014 in Austin, Texas

JAY Z performs onstage as Samsung Galaxy presents JAY Z and Kanye West at SXSW on March 12, 2014 in Austin, Texas

*A man suing Jay Z for $600 million over the “Brooklyn Nets” trademark is done being patient.

RadarOnline.com is reporting that Dr. Francois de Cassagnol, who sued the rapper, the NBA, and others over the logo in December, has filed new court documents accusing Jay Z of being in default, and his co-defendants of legal “mischief.”

The plaintiff claims that he trademarked the name “Brooklyn Nets” long before the NBA team ever moved out of New Jersey. He filed a pro se complaint with the Eastern District of the State of New York on December 9, 2013, asking for a juried trial over the matter — and $600 million in damages, at least.

According to court documents, de Cassagnol claims that the NBA, Jay Z, and developer Bruce Ratner ”fraudulently conspired” to use “loopholes” in the U.S. Patent Office so that they could use a term he says he registered more than ten years ago.

In his new filing this week, the plaintiff alleges that he received “no response” following his January 23 service of his complaint to Jay Z’s 40/40 Club in Manhattan. “Thereby Mr. Carter was in full default,” de Cassagnol claims, “and I’ve requested for this court to act accordingly” and serve the rapper with a certificate of default.

The behavior of the other defendants including the NBA, however, has been much worse, de Cassagnol alleges.

In sum, they “have done every human effort NOT to get service” of the lawsuit, including sending him to incorrect addresses, he says.

Dr. Francois de Cassagnol

Dr. Francois de Cassagnol

De Cassagnol claims NBA lawyers want an extension before the case will go to court, but he says they do “NOT deserve any extension of time on the basis of their usage of that kind of vicious tactics to evade services.”

“For the last ten [months] I’ve continuously reached out to these folks and in return all I got is insult after insult,” he says. “Now it’s time to go on trial to finally resolve these issues.”

“Based on the mischiefs …” he continues, “I had no intention of extending any time extension for the defendants…. It’s time for these folks to start following the rules like everyone else.”

Making matters even worse, de Cassagnol claims he’s been dealing with the legal back-and-forth — or lack thereof! — as his wife battles cancer.

“My wife had cancer surgery last year,” he reveals in the documents. “She has been going thru cancer treatment, radiation and chemotherapy … I’ve been extremely involved with my wife’s cancer treatment and taking care of her and it’s extremely sad that this NBA Group in lieu of finding ways to resolve our issues, decided to cause more pain to me.”