Mary-Mary*Starring in a reality show may result in instant fame, but, as Mary Mary noted Monday night on “The Arsenio Hall” show, the platform provides a way to air out personal issues.

For Tina Campbell, the “Mary Mary” show on WEtv provided the perfect chance for her to speak on why she opted to display her marital problems on the small screen.

“Last year, I became aware that there was infidelity in my marriage and at the last second I decided I’m not gonna be hostage to this because if I am it’s gonna make me miserable, and I made the decision that I’m gonna try to forgive and maybe if someone watches me or hears about me going though it maybe they might make the same decision maybe I might heal,” she said. “Maybe someone could heal by watching me heal. I kinda made it [the decision] in the spur of the moment. I didn’t know how challenging the process of healing was going to be, but I made the decision in the spur of the moment.”

Among Tina’s s regrets with the reality show is her decision to rush into doing the show.

“During the process, yes I did. I was like ‘It’s embarrassing, its shameful.’ I’m doing a bunch of stuff that’s un-gospel,” she said. “I wasn’t nice, I wasn’t nothing to be played with when it was going on. I’m just saying it was really bad for everybody that was around me. I was like, ‘I’m hurting, I’mma hurt the world, that’s how it’s going down’. You don’t really want to do that while the cameras are rolling, it helps to get behind bars. I was trying to figure out how do I manage this in the process.”

Although reservations about sharing their personal lives on reality TV would haunt most people, Tina exhibits no such second thoughts about sharing her ups and downs with TV watchers.

“I’m grateful that I was able to go through it on camera because I survived the process, said Tina, who doesn’t have any real regrets about revealing the details of her life. “If people don’t have an example of what it looks like to be all the way broken down and still be able to stand and smile and live, sometimes you don’t think that you’ll make it through.”

Individual drama wasn’t the only thing Mary Mary and Arsenio chatted on. Tina and her sister Erica also revealed how they manage their relationship with each other as well as avoid confrontations.

“It’s really kinda easy to keep moving and going through your life without paying attention to your life and in some ways the show forced us to kinda pay attention to things that we said even as a family within watching what was happening on the show. I was like, ‘I don’t want it to go off and her feel like that’ so we would go and say to each other like, ‘are we good? We were trying to make sure that we as sisters were good and the same thing for her and Teddy,” Erica said. “The only thing that was hard was when I wanted to be real raw, I was like these cameras are right here and I can’t go Inglewood on them right now.”

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