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*More than a week after his ex-wife claimed he wasn’t taking care of their kids, Master P is firing a few shots of his own.

The former No Limit Records head responded to Sonya Miller’s claims via a statement released to Plugged Entertainment magazine.

“I take great care of all my kids,” Master P wrote. “All of their needs are being met in abundance. I come from the ghetto, I changed my life but she didn’t want to grow with me so we’re not together.”

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Master P’s statement comes amid recent comments from Sonya Miller, who told TMZ last week that she and her four children are currently living in poverty despite rap mogul being worth $200 million. As a result, Miller claims she is on welfare.

In his statement, Master P mentioned that although he isn’t angry with Sonja Miller, he does pray for her. The rapper’s son Romeo reinforced his father’s stance with his own comments in the statement.

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“My father is a good man. My parents are not together, but he provides a roof, transportation and all of her living expenses,” stated Romeo, who admitted that, honestly, after his mother hands him all their bills, he gives them over to his dad. “She is blessed. She lives in a guard-gated community and drives luxury vehicles.”

At this time, there is no word on Sonya Miller’s response.