matthew-knowles*Mathew Knowles’ drama over child support owed to his ex-girlfriend Alexsandra Wright may be a bit exaggerated.

A source close to Beyoncé’s dad/former manager, confessed to that Knowles is not only caught up, but he’s been overpaying child support all along.

“A judge reduced Mathew’s child support payments on March 3,” the source said, cutting them from $12,000 per month to just over $2,400.

“The judge actually made it retroactive, as of February 20 of last year,” the source claimed. So Mathew has actually been overpaying her for quite some time.”

As a result of the turn of events, Knowles “won’t have to make any more payments for almost two years,” the insider stated.

The new revelation on the status of Knowles’ child support to Wright is the latest development in an ongoing battle between the entertainment mogul and his baby mama over child support payments for their four-year-old son, Nixon. Since news went public over the situation, Knowles has come under fire from the public for allegedly missing payments to Wright.

Child support records dated March 1 show Knowles owing more than $44,000.