*All workouts are not created equal. Call it fitness free will.

While lifting weights may work for some people, Pilates appeals to others.

The trick is finding a workout style that matches your personality and lifestyle. Lace up your running shoes (or kick them off depending on your style) and check out these four fitness forays.

Long-Distance Running

Although runners can join a running group or hit the trail with a running buddy, most runners prefer the solitary nature of long-distance running. A runner ties his running shoes to escape reality and enjoy a sacred space independent of anyone else—it’s good “me time.” Build up the endurance to run three or four miles a day to release daily stress and calm the mind by simply putting one foot in front of the other. Once four miles feels like a breeze, turn the stress-relieving mental retreat into a goal-oriented challenge and commit to crossing the finish line of a half marathon. Though not every runner is an amateur philosopher, many are “thinkers” who enjoy the time to ponder life with only the sound of their footfalls.

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CrossFit is not for the faint of heart. Once you start to push your limits and learn about your unique athletic capabilities, you’ll get highs from the WOD (workout-of-the-day) intensity. This growing fitness trend is a strength and conditioning regimen that concentrates on varied, functional movements at high intensity. WODs can include equipment that range from kettlebells and medicine balls to weightlifting bars and plates. A CrossFitter isn’t satisfied with comfort zones and mediocre results. Working out is about getting mentally and physically stronger, not skinny. CrossFit is your next fitness passion if you’re a person who can exert dedication and appreciate a communal, supportive environment.

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For yoga instructor Lilly Barels, “Practicing yoga is like falling in love.” A yoga practice is not just exercise. It’s a life practice that provides experiences of absolute bliss, Barels adds on HuffingtonPost.com. A yogi’s happy place is the yoga mat where peace, tranquility, balance, restoration, and even magic is felt and achieved. A yogi is humbled by yoga and engages in various yoga postures to fill the body with strength and wisdom. Yoga is for the insightful—a person moved by life’s energies, vulnerabilities and connections. You love tree pose for expressing gratitude, dancer’s pose for inner beauty, and Savasana for relaxation and becoming grounded.

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Mobile Workouts

You have a Type A personality, especially about your career, which limits the amount of time you can dedicate to working out. To balance stress and mitigate a busy schedule, Type As need to have a healthily active lifestyle and lack of time isn’t an excuse. The tablet that’s connected to your side while you travel and your smartphone that never seems to leave your grip aren’t just digital devices for working, they’re mobile gyms.

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Whether you work from home or while on the road, stream workouts with DailyBurn, a video workout app that offers more than 100 workout programs from elite trainers. Active.com recommends fitness apps Zombies, Run! as “a running game and audio adventure,” Couch-to-5K App for 5K training and P90X to transform your body into a lean machine. You’ll just need the right attitude and protective cases for your cell phone or tablet to prevent a workout sweat snafu.