Phantasm (voiced by Method Man) of the FX series "Chozen"

Phantasm (voiced by Method Man) of the FX series “Chozen”

*The animated series “Chozen” wraps its 10-episode season on Monday with what promises to be a rap battle of epic dimensions not seen since the likes of “8 Mile’s” B-Rabbit and Lotto.

On one side is gay white gangsta rapper Chozen (Bobby Moynihan), trying to make good on his quest to reclaim his dominance after a 10-year prison sentence. On the other side is Chozen’s former crew member-turned-nemesis Phantasm (Method Man), who currently dominates the rap game.

Phantasm and Chozen in the FX series "Chozen"

Phantasm and Chozen in the FX series “Chozen”

Phantasm may be the type of rapper with pet tigers and models of his own head adorning his living room, but he’s also the type who secretly misses his old crew, scours YouTube videos to identify haters, and secretly cries himself to sleep.

“It’s making fun of hip hop,” Meth says. “It’s making fun of gay people. It’s making fun of just the audacity of some of the artists that think they’re just above the law and above the world on these pedestals and nothing can touch them. Why not? You gotta knock people off their horse every now and then, you know?”

Below, Meth said he never gave a “second thought” to the show’s focus being on a gay rapper.

The beef between Chosen and Phantasm started with the latter got fed up with Chozen’s clean image and decided to bounce. He dabbled in some illegal activity, but framed Chozen for it. Chozen was sent to prison while Phantasm rose to the top.

On Monday, the two are set to face each other at the summer’s biggest music festival.

Watch a preview of the 10:30 p.m. Monday (March 31) season finale below.