*Michael Jackson‘s estate is bringing in the big bucks again!

His estate was plagued by debt, but now it has $18 million in cash and $600 million in revenue.

This is a major turn around for the King of Pop’s estate!

And guess who are his main beneficiaries?

His kid of course: Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson.

(Sorry Joe Jackson, everyone knows you wanted your cut too, but MJ’s will says no!)

The kids get an $8 million per year luxury lifestyle. This includes $3 million on education, $300,000 on vacations — a single trip cost $250,000 — $15,000 in pocket money, $600,000 in security and a rental mansion with $28,500 monthly rent, according to the NY Daily News.

But how did MJ get into a hole and then, dig himself out?

The pop icon was spending between $30 – $50 million on himself a year. Plus, he bought the Neverland Ranch which cost $17 million and $5 million to maintain yearly. It was his home from 1988 to 2005.

Also, he spent $65 million on video projects.

But instead of selling his musical catalog after his death, his executors made publishing and licensing deals, sold his FUTURE music rights to Sony for $250 million and made nearly $500 million from the film, “This is It.”

Major celebrities now in financial ruin, take note of what MJ did.