michelle-obama *As First Lady, Michelle Obama has done more than her fair share of traveling. In fact, she and her daughter and her mother just wrapped up a trip to China.

Despite passing down her love of seeing other places to daughters Sasha and Malia, none of it would’ve been possible had Mrs. Obama kept silent when asking her father for permission to go on her first trip abroad to France during her sophomore year.

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Fear of asking her father to fund the trip initially prevented Mrs. Obama from approaching him about the outing. In her eyes, it felt more like an extravagance back then.

Nevertheless, the first lady worked up the courage to ask her father, who pleasantly surprised her with a quick response.

“He wanted me to have all of the experiences that he didn’t have,” Mrs. Obama told CNN iReport about why she got the go-ahead from her dad.

As a result of her dad’s generosity, Mrs. Obama is encouraging young adults to seize the opportunity to travel.

“We want this not just for our girls but we want that for you guys, too.” she said, while admitting how she makes it a priority to expose Sasha and Malia to the world. “And when you find the opportunity, take it, okay? That’s going to make you just, better people, smarter people, and it’s a lot of fun too.”

To see more of Michelle Obama’s interview with CNN iReport about the importance of traveling abroad, check out the video below: