Morris Chestnut

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This man really loves his wife!

Morris Chestnut tells how black history relates to black love and more specifically his love for his wife.

This Hollywood heartthrob and family dished to Essence about black history, the hopes for “The Best Man 3” and his awesome marriage.

Historically although not always prevalent in mainstream media, there are many examples of black love in black history: Barack and Michelle Obama, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, and Corretta Scott and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

But Chestnut’s love for his wife is definitely another example of solid black love and marriage — just like the historical significant black couples.

“I have been with my wife for a number of years now and the number one thing that keeps us strong is a mutual respect; that is first and foremost. I would like to think of myself as pretty perceptive because when I am in different types of situations, I am always watching and listening more than I am talking,” he said.

He continued with:

“And when I met my wife, there were a lot of qualities I was paying attention to. I knew that she would be a great mother just for how she cared for her nephew and her family.  She respected her mother and she respected her family and those were some of the initial qualities that I saw that I thought would make her a great partner.”

And speaking of black history, Chestnut is in partnership with Verizon’s “Potential of Us” campaign.

“Black history is very important to me because coming up I was looking at our black historical leaders as inspiration,” he said.

He continued:

“People who blazed the trail. I am always trying to follow them and see how they lived. With Potential of Us program, I feel like I’m part of a movement. And it comes right when I am working on developing a character from the 70s I’m excited to play”

And the magazine couldn’t let him slip by without asking him about the details on the next “Best Man” film.

“Malcolm Lee hasn’t written it yet. He has given me some ideas on what my character will be doing in The Best Man 3, and it is some pretty funny stuff but he hasn’t finished it yet.”

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