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Moto360 utilizing Google Now

This week Motorola announced the debut of its newest addition to its product line. The Moto360, a stylish, innovative smartwatch that combines form and function.

The Smart Watch which was announced shortly after Google announced Android Wear look to be very promising. Most SmartWatches that have been debuted in the last year or so are square and clunky or offer minimum,  often battery draining or lack luster designs that come off as cheap .

Moto360 plans to change all that. Not only is the design fashionable, its functions and color screen set it on par with some of the most fashionable watches out out there.

It’s not coming out till this summer but the basic form and function in the concept video featured below show the capabilities and potential of this device.

If you have an Android or iPhone device and utilize Google Now.. this watch will help you view the information you would usually see on your phone, on the watch. There are voice commands that allow you to do everything from reading and sending a text to seeing whose called you when your phone was sitting in your pocket. I can sum it up in one word  #awesome.

Of course there are things we don’t know yet about the watch.  Battery life is one of those things.  As we have seen in our mobile devices, the phone is only as good as its battery. However, the one thing that makes me not worry about this issue so much is the Motorola has made excellent strides in battery life with its proprietary technology.  So I can only hope and pray that this same tech will be placed into the watches.

If you have a little more time on your hands.. Feel free to watch the Google hangouts. Feel free to check out the YouTube Video below

I am looking forward to the possibilities… aren’t you.

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