naturi naughton closeup

*It’s a narrative that’s needed and starting to be discussed more prevalently in Hollywood.

And that’s colorism.

Like a few other now popular black actresses in Hollywood, Naturi Naughton is opening up about her struggles with being a darker-skinned black woman in Tinsel Town.

Speaking of it, two years ago when Viola Davis was up for Best Actress in “The Help” and this year with Lupita Nyong’o, these ladies expressed their struggles accepting their (beautiful) skin tones and having those skin tones in narrowed-beauty Hollywood.

For Naughton, she’s a rising star, but not without the challenges of being a black actress let alone being a darker one.

She interviewed with BET.

“It’s a challenge working in an industry that goes for a certain look. I have definitely been in situations where I have felt like the less desirable choice,” she said. “Why is there always one slot for the Black girl?”

Yet this doesn’t get Naughton down — showing  a lot of promise in her career as an actress like — Nyong’o and Davis.

“Being a darker-skinned woman, I love myself, I love my skin. I think the world is really opening up to all different kinds of beauty.”

She’s already starred in plenty of high-profiled roles including playing Lil’ Kim in “Notorious” and the lead in the “Fame” remake.

Regardless of the stigma against her beautiful skin tone, like she said the world is opening up to new standards of beauty.

Nevertheless, she stays working! She’ll be featured on the new Starz drama with 50 Cent called “Power.”

Check out more of the interview below: